Don’t let skin irritation stop you living your life

There are many things that can irritate your skin, leaving it itchy and inflamed. We’ve got some helpful tips to help you relieve the most common causes of skin irritation.

Symptoms of skin irritation

  • Dry, flaky skin that may become crusted or thick

  • Redness of the skin or a rash

  • Persistently itchy skin

  • Inflamed skin that is sore to the touch

  • Small fluid-filled blisters that may ooze when scratched

Dealing with skin irritation

Use Eurax 10% cream

Use a medicated cream such as Eurax 10% Cream to relieve itching.

Bathe in lukewarm or cool water

Avoid hot baths or showers. Hot water can further irritate already irritated skin, it’s kinder to your skin to bathe in lukewarm or cool water.

Avoid rubbing with a towel

When drying your skin avoid rubbing with a towel. Instead, pat your skin dry to prevent further irritation to the skin. 

Apply unperfumed moisturiser

Use an unperfumed moisturiser, especially if you have an ongoing skin condition such as eczema or dermatitis, as perfumes can increase skin irritation. 

Wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing

Consider wearing loose-fitting, cotton clothing. Some fabrics such as nylon and wool don’t allow the skin to breathe which can make skin irritation worse.

Skin irritation doesn’t have to take over your life

Itchy, irritated skin can leave you feeling uncomfortable and can consume your every thought. Whether you’re suffering from an allergic reaction or heat rash it can be hard to sleep, concentrate or continue with your daily routine, but help is at hand.